Cannot Pan in "Edit Nodes" Mode

The ability to pan the view with the right mouse button is not available in Edit Nodes mode. Instead, selected nodes show a context menu to delete or toggle smooth for the node when right-clicking on them. Right-clicking while not on a node exits the Edit Nodes mode. This makes it very difficult to do a lot of spline editing when zoomed in close since the command has to be exited in order to pan the view.

If the workflow should be to show a context menu with the right-click, it should be consistent throughout the entire software, not just in Edit Nodes mode. Right-clicking on elements in the Design or Toolpath environments could give a number of useful commands. Then, panning the view would be done with the middle button, similar to many CADD applications.

If the right-click is to remain the way to pan, then panning should still work in the Edit Nodes mode if the right-click is not on top of a selected node.


This has been made as a feature request.

I feel your pain. What I do is zoom out find the location I want deal with and then zoom in. Kind of pain but it works. Don’t forget to save, save, save while doing the edit.


I do the same thing, “Hate” zooming in and out. Why no pan? It’s such a basic feature.

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