Can't change thickness on clamps

Printed off Hello World fine. Cut clamps to .5" on .75 " plastic. For all intents it worked fine. Trying to change cut depth to .75 but … starts cutting first clamp about 3/8ths deep then tries to cut 2nd clamp starting at 3/8ths over the material. If I let it go, it scratches the surface of the plastic but no deeper. As this is my 5th piece of plastic, I stop it and look for something else to adjust. I have set and reset Create so many times I think it should cut on it’s own but I keep telling myself it’s just a machine and I control it (too much Westworld). Any help?

You need to tighten your Z axis belt. You are losing steps from your belt slipping.

Have you watched the training videos? (enough times?)

Have you re-zeroed your Z to the top of the material? If it’s starting the cut 3/8ths above the work piece then there’s something off with your Z.

Yes, I thought the same. I zero to the material (I’ve even done it twice). When I hit run, the first thing it does is jump up to the specified offset intended to miss clamps and such. I do not know enough to know if it is supposed to do this. I’ve seen it move to one side and start cutting upon “run” after I get the check tool message. I changed to the Caddy plan today to see if it was something in the code. I changed it to the thickness I was using and it actually cut well…except, It offset one end by 4 inches, where all of the edges in the simulation lined up. This caused the pieces at the end of the offset row to not have enough material. If I understand this correctly, I am having issues with recognizing where the material is on at least 2 axis

Moving up to safety/retract height is the expected behavior and is governed by what you have safety/retract height set to.

The problems with the cut lining up are most likely mechanical, please check:

and also the belt tension:

I feel as if I could recite them.

Although I have done each one at least twice, I humbled myself to do all 3 again. I’ll let you know results tomorrow. The router wakes the wife.


I you want to post the carbide create file up id be happy to run a second set of eyes over it?

If the machine checks out mechanically per: then post the modified source file and the generated G-Code and we’ll try to look into it.

Showing my computer ignorance, Is that best done by Print Screen or is there a way to view the actual gcode line by line.

G-Code is just a plain text file — you should be able to open it in any text editor.

With all due respect, I checked out what a text editor is but realized I don’t know how to get the “plain text file” or what ever I need to the editor, to edit. I’m afraid we are too far apart with the language and knowledge skills needed. I was able (thanks to forum advice) to completely delete all carbide3d files, re-load create, motion and the clamp file and try again. I was able to run the program twice without a hitch (except using HDPE the cut plastic re-welded into the pathways making the project un-usable). I have Ford’s “Getting Started with CNC” and other tutorials, via Lynda. This is going to take some learnin’ but I will get it…eventually. If you have the proper channels, please cancel my 30 minute window on July 2nd.
Thank you, Rod

next time,if you want to edit or look at the gcode just right click it and choose open with and choose note pad to view it

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