Can't configure bitsetter location in settings?

Hey all, I had to wipe my computer and I reinstalled Carbide Motion. For some reason after the initial set up it doesn’t let me set a Bitsetter location?

How do I set my location? It keeps trying to zero the bit in the back right corner of the machine… Is there some G code I can pass via MDI? Previously I recall it just asked me for the location, so I’m a bit puzzled what’s going on here in the new software.

You will need to re-run the Setup Wizard.

If there isn’t an option for this in the UI, click on the version number (after connecting to the machine?) then do “Open Data Directory”. Quit Carbide Motion, delete the Carbide Motion directory, then relaunch it — it should prompt to run the Setup Wizard.

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Could I set it via MDI by setting a GRBL value? Honestly the bitsetter movement part is incredible tedious via the setup wizard (it barely moves and I have to hit the buttons a billion times) and I already know the proper values.

I was able to get it to work in the setup wizard since I took a screenshot of the values I wanted. I do want to provide the feedback that it is a worse user experience than when I used to be able to just set the values directly in the settings menu. The main reason is the “default” bitsetter location has a really high Z value. So to gauge if the bit is properly aligned with the bitsetter you need to hit -Z approximately 999999 times. To determine the proper location I used the jog page so I could move Z down more rapidly before entering the setup tool

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If you hold the button/key down it will keep moving.

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Fair enough. I was using a touch screen so I don’t think it was working quite right.

Regardless, I was able to set the values by turning the machine off and then on and at the bottom of CM it still had the option “Setup Machine” I clicked it and was able to skip everything up until Bitsetter config. So no need to delete any files, etc. Thanks Will!

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though, VERY slowly. If you want to set it on the other side of the machine, you’re very much out of luck.

Also - we NEED to have the ability to reposition the PARK location for bit changes…if you keep your machine against a wall on the right of the machine - and have anything at all of size coming off the front of the machine (like when you’re tiling), it’s really inconvenient. I know it was moved to the arbitrary location it’s on now because the middle of the larger machines were hard to reach during tiling - but this is no better unless you can get to the right side of the machine. PLEASE GIVE US AN OPTION (Maybe: Left / Center / Right ???


Sadly, it seems the current trend by Carbide 3D is to remove more and more options.

The idea of having to re-run the setup wizard to change a setting, is somewhat ridiculous to me. A setup wizard in my mind is something that you run once, then if a thing changes later, you go in the settings dialog and change that particular thing, not wasting time on ~5 other things that are not relevant at this point. Please bring back the settings dialog as it was.


In my humble opinion, that workflow doesn’t really seem right. I agree with the others, there needs to be an easier option to change the TLO probe location.


This! I thought something was wrong with my machine! And like many others the right side of my machine is against a wall and changing the bit has now become very, very cumbersome! Let us set Left, Center or Right for bit changes, please!


I had the same issue. I received my bitsetter a week after I got my machine. I uninstalled Carbide Motion and then downloaded the newest version of Carbide Motion and went through the set up wizard. (choose: “Set Up Ne Machine”) I was able to save the location of the bistetter from the set up wizard.

I agree this workflow seems off with Carbide Motion.

I had to modify the json to change from bitzero v2 to bitzero v1. Was rather interesting to figure that out.

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