Can't create new tools

Hi, I’m just starting using Carbide Create and was trying to create a new tool in the tools database, but when I try to click ‘ok’ to confirm my settings for the new tool a blue line shows und eg. diameter, if put in 3 instead of 3.175 a new blue line show under depth and so on. I cant save the new tool. I’m using mm and on a windows 11 with Danish language settings. Hope someone can help as I would like to try out the cool software! Thanks!

You will need to use a period as decimal separator, rather than a comma — change this in your OS settings.

@WillAdams I am using period rather than a comma in Carbide create. I’m sure that I do not need to change this for my OS, as all other programs that uses a period rather then a comma do not need this. So I think this is something in Carbide create that should be changed in order for none US computers/OS to work.

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Indeed, but until CC is modified to work like those other programs, I’m afraid that’s the only workaround for now to use it

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Ok - Sorry to hear that. I’ll wait for CC to be updated.

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