Can't edit tool library, black window

Hello, I’ve seen one thread about this problem and it’s closed.
I’m running MacOS 10.14.3 and Carbide Create 431.
I can’t ad any tool (edit library). I get a black window.
Any hint?

If I remember correctly, one possible cure is the update your OS, try that ?

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Thanks, I’ve seen this option and I’ve downloaded Catalina but guess what, my SSD would need to be formated in a new afds something…I don’t want to format my SSD.
Honestly I doubt it’s caused by my MacOS version.
I suspect a second screen bug. At one time when I unplugged my second screen I saw info in the window but I couldn’t select them…

  • This guy says he “revised his display to 64 bit” also and that seemed to help ?
  • does it happen with the latest CC version? . Probably does but worth a try.
  • I’m not a Mac guy but is there a way to tell it to only update the (graphics) drivers maybe ?

Downloaded Build 432, same problem.
I’ve got to do some research about the “64 bit display”.
Many 64 bit apps are working perfectly on my Mac…

It’s really annoying…