Can't get a toolpath to show up

I have 6 identical small lines that are to be pockets. The first and the fourth line will not create a toolpath for some reason. I have redraw them, copied them. I can’t figure it out. They are 0.062 inches by 6.0 inches long. I want to cut them 3.5mm deep. The bit size is 0.062 inches.

Any help would be appreciated!

KeithLetterBoard.c2d (7.5 KB)

Are the lines narrower than the bit you are trying to use?

That bit won’t fit in a slot that small with CC. You need a slot 10% larger.

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That was my initial thought. But why will it work with the other lines that are the same size?

I increased the height a little bit and it worked. I don’t know why it worked on the other lines.


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It’s so a certain degree, chance. The way the software strategy works is (as I understand it) create a grid the size of the tool, if the grid doesn’t land in the slot, it won’t be found.