Can't get hold of anyone at Carbide 3D - constant disconnect error


Bit of a general query here - I’ve been having an ongoing issue with my Shapeoko 3 with the disconnection error - looks to be the board. I had been dealing with Edward and almost sorted things out but now I’m getting radio silence.

Is anyone else able to get a response from support or is it just me?


Please accept our apologies — everyone tries to focus on their own messages once assigned, and if a particular person gets too busy, they can get behind.

I believe everyone in the system has been recently contact, or that we’re waiting on a response from them — please check your e-mail and if you don’t see a message you haven’t responded to, please let us know in a new -email (which everyone will be able to see):

  • what problems you’ve had
  • what you’ve tried
  • what documentation you’ve used
  • what has happened

(If you have the old ticket # handy, please include it) and we should be able to get you up and running ASAP.

And, I guess this message can serve as official notice that I’m now working at Carbide 3D tech support, not just volunteering on the forums and on the wiki or doing occasional freelance.



Thank you for getting back to me, I don’t seem to have a ticket no, but the last email I had was on the 13th of November, and had nothing back to any of my chasers - I will PM you my email address.

We came to the conclusion that my control board is faulty and a replacement was going to be sent - at the same time I was going to pay for an upgraded Z plate.

Also well done on the job! Your help and experience has helped me a umber of times since receiving my shapeoko.


I am also having constant disconnect errors from my Shapeoko 3. At the beginning I got the impression that it was due to the software. It never occurred to me that it was due to a faulty board.

Please, anyone who has problems with their machine which can’t be solved by the basic steps which are on the wiki at — please contact

Include the following in the message:

  • which version of Carbide Motion you’re running
  • the specifics of your computer setup
  • what problems you’re having and what you’ve tried

We will do our best to get the machine working to its specifications and your satisfaction.

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I had this problem. Worked with the support group quite a bit. It was mostly sorted out, but still happened from time to time. I bought extra stepper wire (4 strand shielded security cable) and got the control board away from the dewalt router. After that I haven’t had a single disconnect. I added about 6’ of length.

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I, too, had this problem. Discovered that the in-line on/off switch on the power line feeding the control board was bad. Discarded the switch and plugged the power brick in to a separate power strip and no more issues. I have found that the power strip is much more accessible the that small in-line on/off switch.

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Unfortunately my issue has been harder to resolve and everything I’ve thrown at it has not worked.

Hoever I HAVE had a response from Edward at Carbide and it looks like things should be resolved shortly when a new part comes.

It appears they have been very busy as late. I’m just keen to start making things again, I have 8 projects at CAD level ready and waiting

I had the same issue on my original SO3, I went through 3 boards, a ups, a usb galvanic isolater to fix it… but it worked like a charm after that…

I just bought an XXL and found that if my shop vac is on the same circuit I’ll get disconnects. Easy fix - 50m extension lead back to the house!

My advice: give them the benefit of the doubt, my dealings with C3D on both purchases and follow-ups has been second to none. Also, make sure your cnc is the only thing on the circuit as router/shopvac are very noisy power-wise


Disconnect Issues. Ive had the worst time with disconnection and tried all the items in the list. I called Carbide and spoke to Brandon in support. He was awesome, took a ton of time with me and we went over all the possibilities. After running an “Air Job” we were able to isolate the issue. Their support is great and a big thank you to Brandon… Ryan


I haven’t had a problem with contacting support. Every time I call and I’ve called a lot being I’m just getting started always got an answer or a call back in just a short time.

This topic is almost 3years and long resolved with excellent help from Carbide 3d.

@WillAdams can you close it down please?

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