Can't get motivated

It’s 14 degrees outside and thus making my garage shop too cold to work in.
I have a small heater and it takes 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours to warm up enough to even be out there with a coat.

Anyone else having this issue?


I have a forced air kerosene heater for my 19 x 21 shop. When temps are in the high 20’s it will warm my shop within 30 min. Made by reddy heater I believe.

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When I originally started putting together (I hesitate to say build) a shop I was allocated one corner of the garage which was not shared with other things - like cars. The result is I have a 93 sqft area that is walled off from the rest of the garage. Over the years more of the garage has become my woodshop with only occasional intrusion by things like cars. The upside to this ‘design’ is I now have a space that I can maintain a comfortable 65° with a small oil filled radiator heater. Even when the temperature outside drops to the single digits.

I have my CNC in our basement but the heated shop is large enough for lathe and bandsaw work.


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Thanks for the info. I’m not sure I am looking to spend more money than I already have just yet. But I do appreciate your reply.

Sounds nice!
I have one wall of a two-car garage for everything. My CNC two flip top carts for my Planer, Disc/belt sander, small drill press and mortiser. I also have a cart for my combination miter saw with fold out wings for long stock. A jointer and a Generator all on that one wall.
It’s a little tight but everything short of the CNC is on casters.
Easier in the warm weather to be able to move it into the driveway to do cutting and what have you. but it is my little cold man cave.

My issue is kinda the same
Louisiana right now is real cold in the morning but by lunch it’s back to 70f
So with the temp change everything moves
I have a propane heater that like 3’ tall, looks like those large deck heaters, like an umbrella, I normally fire that up to get the barn warm in the morning just to get temps kinda warmed up in there

Now to get motivated, inspiration is what I seek
My mind is very mechanical rather than artistic


Same boat. I just deal with it. I connected my little propane heater to a full size tank (it is WAY cheaper to fill a tank than it is to buy those stupid little disposable canisters). It takes 1-2 hours to heat up depending on the temp. I have thought about insulating my garage door but haven’t really looked at what it would cost. I may just buy a second heater and connect it to the same tank.

EDIT: I have one of these heaters



I identified with your comment about being mechanical, not artistic. I do woodworking but still see myself more mechanically inclined.


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It’s not that cold here, but damp and nasty, just above freezing with solid frosts.

I wear my snowboarding thermals under my workshop clothes, sharpen my plane blades in the house then go to the shed and start with hand sawing and planing stock to warm myself up whilst the spindle on the CNC warms up.

I also keep all my good tools in the house where it is warm and dry so they’re not sub zero and welding themselves to my skin when I touch them, which is way nicer :cold_face:

The trick is not to just sit down and wait for the Shapeoko to do the work for me…


I have a 10 foot rollup door at front of shop. I jave 2 burner propane stove. The propane bottle is outside with hose under door. Keeps my shop warm about 50 F on cold nights. Fire and sawdust dont mix so keep combustible material away from any heater.

I keep glue and finishes inside house 24 hours before use. I have a table next to door to shop to set them on.
Many finishes and glue are ruined if they freeze.

I live in east Texas with moderate days and cold nights.

They do make wall mounted electric heaters that avoid flames but still need to keep things away from front of heater.

Enclosed places can collect carbon monoxide so have a monitor for flame heaters. Most modern flame heaters have oxygen depletion sensors but not carbon monoxide detectors.

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I suffered the past few years and had finally had enough. I discovered a “mini-split” ac/heat system that was a DIY project (Mr.Cool brand). I was able to purchase a unit for $2200 and it heats my 1100 sq ft garage quite nicely.
Good luck


I’m in Northern Indiana, temps are a bit cooler here.
I personally am not able to come up with my own art or furniture ideas very often. I am the type that if I see something I can make my own version of it.

Same, I just deal with it. Some good coveralls, and gloves you can wear while fiddling with bits and mouse clicks. Work boots and warm socks. Don’t sit on a steel seat, put a towel down and butt stays warmer. I didn’t cut this week, but last weekend we were well below zero.

My issue is a power issue. Heaters would kill my fuses so I just don’t bother.

Side note: my nomad is a champ. I was worried how the cold would be on the spindle belts.

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Be safe and be careful my friend.

We used to have a freezer on its own circuit. No longer have it so I plug my heater there. No fuse or breaker issue there.

My last big expense was the CNC. Not likely the wife would go for a mini split. They do look pretty cool. Super lucky you!
Maybe if I win the lottery…

I had forgot about those mini split diy systems. While I was building my living quarters I looked at those. Finally got a Bosch heat pump and summer and winter my light bills are about $100.00 or less. The system was about $5000.00 but it is my home.

Those mini split systems are pretty efficient and have sealed lines so you dont have to have an air conditioning contractor install it. The only issue I saw with them was getting a warranty service on a down system. Where I live there arent a lot of air conditioning contractors and even less that know anything about the Chinese mini split systems. My Bosch has a local air conditioning company plus I have a 10 year warranty on the parts. I just have to pay a $100.00 service call fee per incident.

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I am in northwest Indiana where about are you located?

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Northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne

I am west of you about 21/2 hours and yes it has been cold.

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