Cant install font on Carbide Create

I download a font and install it. I can use Inkscape and other programs, but in Carbide isn’t available.
Any suggestions.

Carbide Create wants fonts to be “System fonts”.
In windows you can install fonts as system fonts or user fonts… it needs to be system fonts
(you can also copy the TTF file into the “fonts” directory in the CC data storage directory but that’s more of a bother)

As @fenrus noted you need to use the option for “Install for All Users”.

An alternate way is to do About | Carbide Create | Open Data Directory — place any font which you wish into the Carbide Create/fonts directory, then relaunch.

Thanks :love_you_gesture:
Take me 20 seconds, and tried for 3 days …

What fenrus said is true but right click on the font file and “Run As Administrator” and the font is available to all users not just the logged in user. As others said CC wants fonts that are available to all users. I have some fonts that defy to be seen in CC. One thing I dont like about CC is the list of fonts is not in alphabetical order and you do not get a preview of the font. Some applications show the actual font face in the selection menu where CC does not. Additionally I would recommend you move fonts that you think you will never use to another folder so the list is not so long. Most people tend to use the same fonts over and over. For word processing documents I use Times New Roman exclusively for consistency. For CC there are hundreds of fonts you will never use so keep them but in another folder so they can be copied back if you decide to use them.

Windows they are usually located: c:\Windows\Fonts For Mac you are your own.

Fonts not appearing in alphabetical order is a consequence of technical specifics of the font (how it is named/set up internally) and QT’s font handling — please let us know about such fonts at and we’ll see what we can find out.

While it’s not possible to preview multiple fonts, in Carbide Create 4 if you set a piece of text, then select it, then position the cursor over the font drop-down, you can scroll through the fonts, applying them to the selected text as you scroll until you find the font of your desire.

Alternately, there are utilities and websites which will generate previews such as:

That said, it’s best to just learn fonts well enough to know them by name before using them — if a font didn’t come w/ a sample book such as:

I would research it, write, print, and then hand-bind one so as to know it well-enough to use it.

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