Can't Save (Mac)

I’m new to Carbide Create and am trying to create a few files but am unable to access the option to actually save the G code from my mac. I can’t scroll up or down, I’ve tried zooming in/out, command+S, and am having ZERO luck. I’m sure its something super easy but I can’t figure this out! Please help!

Try deleting the com.carbide3d preferences?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe we support a keyboard shortcut for save — which model of Mac with what version of the OS and what size display? Do you have a second display connected?

Thanks for the reply! How do I delete the preferences? I’m using a MacBook Pro with IOS 10, only 1 monitor

They’re usually stored in ~/Library/Preferences, e.g.,


(guessing at the filename, since I don’t have a Mac which will run Carbide Create or Motion)

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