Can't use the corner tool on rounded edge nodes, but can use Fillet tool

I upgraded to Carbide Create v757 and can’t round the corners of two curved lines anymore. It selects pretty much every point along the curve, but not the corners. I can use the fillet tool to round them without issue, but I need some corners to have a larger radius than others, or some not at all. Is this a known issue? I have previous designs that were able to do this that were made with an older version (i think something around v750? I don’t know which version I had prior to 757). Pics and file attached.

Pumpkin.c2d (84 KB)

Goofy vectors. They are sharp nodes, so it should work.

You can cut the stem away from the body, offset the stem inward 0.25, then offset that outward 0.25, and join the new vector back to the body.


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