Carbide 3d bits

I’ve never done any 3d carving with my shapeoko 5 and have done very little 2d carving. I am interested in the 3d carving and are considering the 14 day free trial that is offered. My question is can anyone tell me what bits I would typically need to carve 3d? Is there a set of bits that would include what I would need? I’m asking because I would like to have them on hand before I start my free trial to see if this something I would buy. I’ve seen portraits of people carved out of wood and am interested in trying one. Im guessing this is how they did them is with 3d cnc carving. Any help would be appreciated. Just trying to figure things out. Thanks

Usually ball-nosed tooling in a variety of sizes suited to the scale of work you wish to make and the detail which you wish to achieve.

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