Carbide 3D blog post for beginning 2017

I’m very keen to see carbide motion go a bit further, probing has now become a big thing for me so we will see what comes there - it would be great if they could make a good probe kit or enable in carbide motion. The carbide connect gizmo could be useful. I’ve just ordered a 5m usb cable…

One thing I would like to see being in the UK is more UK availability. If I could buy accessories/spares without large shipping and import bills I’d likely buy more from Carbide direct - for instance I’m really keen to buy the threaded table, but it’s $564 inc shipping + 20% tax + handling fee = $690 which in UK money is £568.30 which is pretty steep. Obviously there has to be a market for them and they have to make money but a UK/EU distribution hub would be nice and something I’d be willing to help with if they saw a market

Part of the fun of owning a shapeoko is modifying things yourself - I like tinkering with it and modifying what I can. I’m just about to add a camera into the box/housing I’ve made.

I think support has been great and with the forum I’m not lacking any advice or support.

Whilst a ‘new machine’ would be ‘nice’ I don’t know what they could do to improve the S3 that couldn’t be done through upgrades? I’m also more likely to buy upgrades than a whole new machine.

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Longer USB cables are known to exacerbate the disconnect issue — please test before committing to use.

I will have to see - I haven’t received the cable yet but if it doesn’t work or gives me a single DC error I will bin it off.

I would love to see a “high power” 883 (maybe a slightly larger table… a 121203?) that had enough power to be competent at cutting metal with reasonable DOC to get a job done reasonable rapidly.

Was surprised they didn’t mention the active probe accessory for shapeoko in the blog post, is it still coming?


Inventables has been doing this thing called “easel live” doing projects with the community live on you tube,would be nice to have something like this with carbide create and carbide motion

I would like to see a probe kit from carbide3d, they have the right connectors apparently “limit switch kits”.

I just don’t want to relie on my lack of soldering skills at my age and my eyesight and shakes. And it should not cost that much since they are making wires for the limit switches. I’ve emailed sales and support but no answer. Filing a tiny connector and a wonky fit is not what I’m looking for with this awesome machine and the usual terrific support from Carbide3d.

Coming late to the party–sorry 'bout that.

(1) I LOVE my Nomad pro. If only it could be faster (more powerful spindle).

(2) CM–as mentioned above, please move the quit button somewhere other than the location of the pause button–I’ve been bitten by that one and I wasn’t a happy camper.

(3) How about that probe? (Works with Nomad I hope too–being the more precise machine that would make sense.)

(4) CM again–can you show the number of the current line being executed? (I can get close with the job completion percents, but more granularity would help with stopping and restarting, fixing things, and such.)