Carbide 3D blog post: Nomad in 2020

Figured folks here would want to know about:


That’s great to hear! I love my nomad, and it’s great to see you guys continually push to better things! Looking forward to seeing what comes of it!


Super excited for these upgrades! All the improvements sound great!

That’s exciting! Cant wait to hear the max RPM for the new spindle!

Ooooh, if they aren’t being anodized then presumably someone could get it anodized on their own and get a different color.
I kinda want another now! If you guys need a beta tester I volunteer as tribute.


Wow - some great Nomad progress both at C3D and the community this year! Cant wait!

great news. I can’t wait !

A better version of a terrific machine is a superb happening.

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where’s the pre-order button ? :slight_smile:


estimated price range??? :heart_eyes:

Is it going to be possible to purchase the parts and upgrade existing machines?

I’m afraid not, if there had been, that would have been a big part of the announcement. It’s a repeat of the SO2->3, or Nomad Classic to Pro situations — there simply isn’t any significant parts commonality.

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Fair enough. Are you able to say anything other than what was announced? For example how the new machine has been different to use compared to the new one? Are you able to push it significantly harder? Is it quieter? More accurate/repeatable?

All I know is what’s in the announcement and some specific questions (such as the impossibility of upgrades) which were added in questions answered in team chat.

Hopefully things will get back to normal and there will be a big announcement, and they’ll be available for sale presently.


We’re debating doing preorders on this one, normally we don’t but this might be different.

It should be very close to the current version

The new machine will look very similar to the current one but almost all of the parts are different so there’s not a good path for upgrades. There are one or two little changes that we might be able to offer though.

We might clear anodize them, that part is still up in the air right now.

Shooting for 15k


I’m also curious about the new motor’s power rating!

Nice upgrades! Wish we could upgrade previous versions, but that is normal for sweeping changes. :slight_smile:

Is there any expected date when it will be available?


Any update? I’ve been looking to buy a Nomad for a couple of months now. So ready to do it while I have the cash on hand lol!

That would need to be addressed to @robgrz — I’m sure though as additional information and timelines become clear they’ll be shared.

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