Carbide 3D Customer support - Nomad 3

Hi Carbide 3D management,

The support on this forum has always been brilliant and it’s my go-to place when I’m stuck. So thank you to all who contribute.

I have, however, been stuck with an inconsistent and inaccurate cutting issue for quite a while now and have to-date not had a solution. I wrote in to on 10 May and while we’ve had some back and forth trying a few different things, it seems to me that no serious attention has been given to my issue despite several reminders.

I’m sure you guys are busy but it’s been practically a month and I’m no where closer to a solution than I was when I first started. Investing in a Nomad 3 really stretched my budget big time but I pulled the trigger in the hope that it’s precision machining would pay off.

I honestly hate to be the guy who complains but I’m not sure how else to shine a light on this. I live in London UK and have called Customer support in Torrance, but each time there’s no reply. I have also emailed my original file, toolpaths and many images of several tests I’ve done.

Could someone please look into my problem.

Much appreciated and apologies for having to post this on the forum.

I’m with you on this. Support is great for small quick fixes but anything beyond that it’s pretty terrible

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