Carbide 3D Halloween TRICK: Glowing Wood!

Happy Halloween!

Project Files and Materials links are below,… but first:

Did you know Black Locust Wood glows under UV light?

OMG- It does!

As you would expect, I machined the Skull test file into some 2" blocks.

Spooky Chips in a Potion Bottle.

These are the best photos I could get of the effect, its a really interesting occurrence, I don’t know of any other wood with qualities like this.

Heres the Skull Files:
Skull Framed.stl (1.3 MB)
Skull Dice 16mm.mcf (2.8 MB)

Heres where I got the wood:

And the UV light:


Very cool! Fascinating characteristic of the wood. For a second there, based on the first two photos, I thought the effect you were going for was similar to the busts that appear to be looking at you from most angles in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland:

Might also make for a cool Halloween project. Cut inverse reliefs to create a similar optical illusion, like a mold. They use rear lighting too, though, so the material would ideally be only semi-opaque and the cuts would need to get dangerously close to the bottom of the stock without going through. Of course, and I’m just throwing things out there, it might be better to cut a positive relief as usual, then use a vacuum former to pull a negative with thin plastic that is easily rear lit…

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Hey Apollo, if I wanted to run the dice skull but use the #121 ball nose cutter how would I accomplish that?

Very cool, Apollo! I did not know that trick and am interested in giving it a shot.