Carbide 3D Swag Appeal - (a little depressing sorry folks)

A small appeal to Carbide 3D Team.

Dear C3D,

I as you know, and has been said many times i am your number one fan! @Julien was #1 before you poached him, he cant have that title any longer - so I am privileged to be #1 now - please ignore all the “other” forum users who say they are - they are not true believers :slight_smile:

I was with you when you where C1D C2.5D and now in your glorious state C3D :slight_smile: . yesterday was the first time i went to my machine in months to actually use it, I work hard in the UK within the NHS (National Health Service), and unless you have been a castaway like Tom Hanks you will be fully aware of the challenges we have all been facing with COVID-19.

I have lost many things to this Pandemic, my mentor died sadly within the first wave of this onslaught and I miss him dearly, my friends have lost parents, i have not seen my Dad since March, and honestly i have not been a great person to be around because if I an not working, i am on call, and if not on call, i am sleeping, meaning that i have not been the best Dad or husband, through lack of sleep.

Again you can take this story and amplify this 10 time for my wonderful collages who are on the front line day in day out, sleeping in corridors Nurse stations etc. (Jeepers Sherpa, your posts are normally a bit funny) i know, i did say this is a bit depressing.

I have been responsible for so many things to try and help reduce risks to all health care workers, and continue to treat sick children and adults, i have managed new projects, Clinical Systems, Cancer Services - etc, and my day has become a little routine,

I would often fist bump my SO3 on my way to my temp office in the workshop , she became my Castaway “Wilson” i would then do what was needed, come back, talk about the things i had done and seen, I have done this routine for months.

Why, because i love this machine, the community, the support, and the fun and relaxation it gives me. and has been a link to the normal world i took for granted 12 months ago. Genuinely mean this, i love everything about this company and community!

Why am i writing this, well for lots of reason really, because sitting behind the keyboard i can be a little more honest with my thoughts and not need to be “i am fine” to all and sundry, but for one big reason in particular, and that is SWAG.

As things have slowed (slightly) and my role changing, i needed to clean my temp dirty room Including my S03 / surrounding area thoroughly, and in doing so i have damaged some of my hard won SWAG Stickers, it may seem a silly request but these stickers meant / mean allot to me so i was hoping that i could get replacements for them. i am happy to pay for them C3D.

The ones i damaged were

so @Julien @WillAdams can you help me please, who would be the best person to contact to try and get these replaced? is it just a email to support or is there someone else i should contact.

Keep safe everyone, enjoy your Christmas and most of all keep making stuff that i can try and copy :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas


Hi Jon,

First of all, double thumbs up for everything you are doing for the NHS in these trying times, and thank you for sharing. Nothing like some quality time in the shop around the Shapeoko to let off steam or escape 2020 reality for a little while.

I don’t manage the sticker stack, but it’s been an eternity since I last announced a “post of the month” and the price for that happened to be stickers, so there you go, post of the month goes to @sherpa, and I’m sure @Lourdes should be able to help you out with a sticker care package.

Take care


Leave it with us! :wink:


AHEM, arguable @Sherpa !


Thank you for your hard work, Jon.

I’d clap extra hard on Thursday evenings just for you, if we still were doing that.

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Thanks all for your kind words !!

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