Carbide Auxillary Wasteboard

As a newbie I created the Carbide auxillary wasteboard for my xxl. The finished product has 48 insert holes. When I go to hold down a workpiece I find that there are not enough insert holes available to me so I can secure the workpiece to the wasteboard. Is there a way to add more insert holes to the exiting auxillary wasteboard so I can have more hole options to use to secure the workpiece.

I’ve resolved that the next time I do a threaded insert board, I will drill and install inserts only where and as needed — that way I’ll be certain of using a given insert at least once.

Just machine or spot the hole then drill by hand, then if need be countersink from the other side and install the threaded insert.


Good idea although i would have to remove the wasteboard each time ton accomplish this, would I not?

Yes. but for example on mine it was just 4 screws.

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I used the Myers Spoilboard, fence, cam clamps (big and small), and fences. The 2 inch spacing using Tee nuts has worked very well for me. I made the cam clamps and mostly use the large ones. If something is not quite at the right measurement I use scraps of wood to make up the difference. Because they are 3/4" thick cam clamps retract height is not a problem unless I am cutting extremely thin stock. Designing a spoil board is not hard but I dont like to invent the wheel when there are perfectly designed wheels already made.

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thanks. i looked at his wasteboard too but being a newbie i went with the carbide wasteboard that anly has 48 holes. next wasteboard will be his except i will use threaded inserts, only because i have over a hundred of them. in the mean1time i made up some 5 inch wooden clamps that should help me out. thanks for sharing.

If you size the holes right, threaded inserts will hold with plenty of clamping force when inserted from the top.


Yes. that is what I used in the Carbide wasteboard and with the camfer they are rock solid. i like them.


I’m considering doing a hole-as-you-go with an aluminum ATP-5 wasteboard and Heli-coils.

The just Brad nail and replace your wasteboard more often seems like a very quick technique that I would consider too, but my materials and work flow vary so much.

Has anyone put holes in as they went and have any feedback?


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