Carbide ceate old versions

Hello, look for old versions of cabide ceate for windows, the last one doesnt permit me to upload new tools.
thank you!

I just tested creating a tool in Carbide Create 520 — what difficulty did you have?

What do you have set as a decimal separator? CC isn’t (and never has been) properly internationalized, so one has to set period.

I have a collection of older versions of CC. If you need a particular version please let me know and I will put it on google drive.

Hi, I create the tool, then when I click on OK nothing happen, no tools added.

Does the account you are using have write access to the Carbide Create tools directory (revealed by About Carbide Create | Open data directory)?

I don’t really know… I was using it in a Mac and was OK. How can I check it?

Haha, I thought I was the only person who did this.

Hello, thank you! I was asking for the 431 cause I was usingit on a Mac, but I don’t really now which one will be usefull on a windows. Can you send me the 431 for windows maybe with at my email? [EDITED OUT]

I donàt know exactly how to set it, Im using temporary windows cause my Mac shut down…

I removed your email to preserve your privacy, please use a private message instead to send it to Guy

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Here is a link to anyone to use for the CC 431 on google drive. Just click on t he link and you will go to the google drive site and the file is open to everyone that wants it. It is the Windows version 431. I selected the 434 version that I uploaded for another user. I corrected and both links work for 474 and 431.

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