Carbide Compact Router noise

I’ve had my XXL since 12/2019, really don’t know the hours used but not excessive for this is just a hobby for me.

Last week I went to do a little job and noticed when I turned on the router at around 2 on the speed dial it started making a “surging” sound and what I would call a very small knocking sound. This all goes away if you speed up the router.

About the second time I used it back in Dec. I put a piece of women’s hosiery around the top of the router to try and keep dust out. This has worked well seeing I have to clean this quite often.

Could this be the brushes or something else going on?

Could be brushes (didn’t we include a spare set or two?) or might be bearings — if you still have this problem after swapping bearings let us know at and we’ll sort it out.

Yes sir, a spare set of brushes were supplied, just wanted to put this out there before changing them out.

I will try and do so today and post results here.


Note: Will you did mean brushes and not bearings, correct?

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Replace the brushes, they’re a consumable.

If bearings are bad in the first year that’s a warranty item and we’ll send a replacement router (and you could then source new bearings (same as for the Makita RT0701/0700) and replace them yourself for a spare)

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Will replace brushes and report back here…Thank you sir!

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