Carbide Compact Router speeds

I have a Shapeoko XXL machine with a Carbide Compact Router. I am looking for a chart that will tell me the speed (RPM) of my Carbide Compact Router at each dial position. I have searched and have had no luck with that. I have found many feeds/speeds charts that show what speed that I need to be at to cut/carve a certain material, which is great. I just have no idea how fast my router is going. Is there such a chart on the Carbide 3D website? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There should be one in your printed manual.

Official chart for Carbide Compact Router:
1: 10,000
(1.5: 12,000)
2: 14,000
(2.5: 16,000)
3: 18,000
(3.5: 20,500)
4: 23,000
(4.5: 25,000)
5: 27,000
(5.5: 29,500)
6: 32,000


Thank you very much! I will check the manual when I get home.

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