Carbide Copper Trial Run Failure

I gave Carbide Copper a quick trial run to see if it would accept the Gerber file output from my layout program, PADS-PCB. I get an error when it attempts to import the file with no real details. Any way to get a better idea what it doesn’t like from my file? The Gerber output format in PADS is set to RS247X. Can someone post a simple Gerber file that Copper does like so I can look for obvious differences? It might be something I can just delete from the file.

Please send the file in to Carbide 3D — unless specified otherwise, I guess would be okay, and we’ll have a dev look into it.

Hi Will,

I sent a file in to support a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything yet. Can I get a known good file so maybe I can take a look to see what is different?


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Asked and was told:

There is a Carbide3d CAM file (meant for eagle) which sets all of the parameters correctly prior to export (turns off unneeded layers, selects the correct format, etc). … available from the HELP page under the copper app. it will more than likely not work with (other) PCB software, but it is plain txt, so if (the) parameters (which) are being set (are examined), … can (be applied to other) program(s).

I believe this is the file in question: and the link to it was found here:

Hi Will, You must have some Gerber files that have used to test Copper. Could you please post one so I can compare it with the PADS generated file? It really shouldn’t be too difficult to isolate the offending code. In the meantime, I will take a look at the Carbide3d CAM file. Thanks!

You have mistaken me for someone who understands electronics — my sole involvement in Carbide Copper was to look over the web pages and try to proofread them (not sure if my edits were applied — seems as if they never are) and to mention it.

Please ask an EE such as @Jorge or @robgrz for fancy electronics knowhow. I’m just a graphic designer and former AF guy who had to re-take the test for Radio Fun. when in the Air Force (and that despite having a perfect score on the EDPT — wish they’d used that when deciding on my career field rather than the almost perfect score on the DLPT).

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I have yet to run Carbide Copper having just finished a recent board cut using my Shapeoko and Eagle/PCB-Gcode. At some point Copper should generate “CAM files per tool” for us Shapeoko guys, so until then…

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So Jim, just to be clear, you are able to cut boards on your Shapeoko without needing the Copper software? Is it because Eagle can output G-code directly? I’m trying to go from PADS to Shapeoko and use the Copper software to convert the RS274X Gerber format to g-code.

List of free/opensource PCB CAM options here:

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Yes. Carbide Copper had not yet surfaced when I did my last PCB run. PCB-GCODE operates as a ULP with the native Eagle File data and does not require the Gerber RS274X files.

PCB-GCODE generates all the G-code and I even got a makeshift process for running multi-tool job. I’m documenting my build process here which uses said PCB: