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Legs.c2d (993.6 KB)

Hi all,
My first time here,
I try the contour on the legs and the toolpaths looks like the line is break, what am I doing wrong ?
look at the top of the legs from the tool paths,
Thank you for helping

Hi @meirass,

Carbide Create is displaying the vectors in pink color to give you a hint that it detects they are not closed shapes:

And indeed if you zoom way in on the sections where the weird toolpath break happens,

you’ll see that the shape is not closed there:

Same thing for the break that is visible on the left vertical section :

And this is why the toolpaths look weird: CC actually creates two individual contour toolpaths for the “halves” of your shape, given those two breaks in the vector.

It seems like maybe you grouped a set of curves, that looked like they were joining at their extremity, but in fact didn’t (quite). And the grouped shape then looks like a single continuous contour, when it’s not.

You should be able to fix this using the node edit tool at the two places where discontinuities are present


Thank you for your answer, going to try fix it.

Node edit and Join Vectors, which is a separate command — and which command raises the question, should it be possible to close vectors while Node Editing.

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