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I have enjoyed and appreciated the temporary free availability of the CC 3D software and I about ran out of things to yell at my computer about until I started working with imported gray scale images.

My latest challenge is in positioning the imported graphic. For example, while in Model - I import an image and it is placed more or less centered on the stock by default (or the material model I created as “stock”); I want to be able to move the graphic and do not see a way to do so…can someone help me?
Many times the graphic is a detail or design I would like to have on the sides of the stock, however, the graphic imports to the center, and I cant figure out how to move this.

I hope this is a stupid question, I have a reputation to maintain.

Thank you

the easy way to do this is to, in the design tab, draw a rectangle of where you want the image.
THen select this image while you head over to the “model” tab, and … the image will load inside your rectangle.


So…the issue with this is that sometimes the svg doesn’t fill a rectangle or even remain centered in it…so when you load the SVG into a rectangle, it may not be exactly where you want it to be. The desire to move the image after loading it is something that would make the process more usable.

There are a lot of ideas and requests for the product development. I have a few that I’ve already voiced in various ways. Is the Feature Request category THE place where ideas ferment to be picked by @robgrz at the perfect time? I’ve put ideas and requests in there, but aren’t aware of the process by which they’re triaged.

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Thank you. This is helpful in that i guess it is supposed to work in this way; it is usually a point from which to deviate however. I find that my images are to large, and when I scale them, they nearly always drift outside the target shape.
Now that I said this, I am thinking of scaling the image outside of CC3D and importing to see if I can work out a consistent way of being “close”.

In a future release it would be nice to be able to manipulate the model image easily, and while we are talking updates, maybe ditch the “new” tool database “interface”?
I digressed.
Thank you again, and I will play with this until I find a way that works and I hope to be able to contribute that method back to the forum in the hopes someone will find it useful.

All the best,

there’s many things I’d like to see improved in Carbide Create… but I don’t work for Carbide3D nor have access to the code… so I can’t; help with code contributions.

I just did it! I will work on this for consistency, but I was able to drag my gray scale imported model - image to the position I needed it to be. Roughly, I created the material model component, then the area (happened to be a rectangle) I wanted the imported image to land. Once I imported it and landed half in the desired location, I went back to Design, moved the rectangle (target zone) and clicked on the Model tab. once here, I selected the Component item which represents the image, image was selected with what looked like the Size and Scale tool. I was then able to resize and drag the image all over the place. IF I can duplicate consistently, I will update these steps so the are more coherent.
Thank you fenrus, I know you don’t code this stuff, I was tossing some ideas out there for improvements, I see there is a call for this sort of input under another topic heading and I will be sure to keep this under my hat until I am there.
Thank you GJM, well stated.

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