Carbide create 3D part

Is there any good tutorials on doing 3D parts with carbide create pro? Like how to turn a cad model into a height map? I see tons on topographical map stuff but nothing out there for things like mechanical parts.

This is something I’ve been curious about, and I suspect @fenrus’s stl2png tool would facilitate it, but I find the vagaries of rendering a design as a triangle tessellation, then as a series of pixels, then making a toolpath which is a series of polylines worrisome from a precision and elegance standpoint.

the triangle part likely should be ok as long as you make them small enough and you make enough of them (at least stl2png doesn’t blink about a few million of them)

it’s the pixelazation part that’d worry me… although you can make really high res PNGs… not sure Carbide Create will be fully happy with that

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So maybe it’s just too much trouble. Might just be worth doing fusion 360

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