Carbide create 623 and uccnc

New to Cnc just learning to use software. I used carbide create and have no issues loading and cutting on my Stepcraft d600. When I downloaded carbide create v623 I can load it fine but it wants to cut it very small. Thank you for any help.

How are you creating the geometry?

What size is it?

When you have the machine move, does it move as expected to the correct dimensions?

I have tried just a plain shape and it does the same thing. The machine moves normally until I start cycle. My piece is a box cut out and is 14x12x.5 inches

25.4 x too small? :wink:

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Not sure what you mean.

Please post a .c2d file, generated G-Code, step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it, and a photo, w/ a ruler showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine.

metric / english problem?

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“25.4 x too small?” Not sure why this was posted? Just trying to give clarification as to what it is. Probably not even needed.

The imperial measurement 25.4 is the number used to convert Metric to Imperial and visa versa.

25.4 X 3 inches = 76.2 mm
100 mm Divided by 25.4 = 3.937 inches

This may help someone?

It was just a hint that maybe it’s cutting in metric with english numbers.

Maybe I’m around my kids & grandkids too much. I tend to give them hints rather than just give them the answer.

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test2.c2d (130.1 KB) (127.7 KB)

I hope I did this correctly

Okay the geometry is:

but you have specified using the #102 default — which isn’t supposed to be used — what size tool are you using? What feeds and speeds are appropriate to your machine?

The G-Code file is output using Imperial:


Does your controller accept the G20 command to switch to Imperial?

If it doesn’t change the output to metric under Edit | Select Post Processor:

(don’t change to Carbide 3D Shapeoko unless you have a C3D machine)

which would validate @Tod1d 's surmise.

The file should cut at:

328.61 − endmill diameter × 263.11 − endmill diameter

Thank you you made my day.

Looks good!

Maybe go with a test3? (Another Option)

test3.c2d (113.3 KB)

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