Carbide Create 629, just in time for the weekend

We just uploaded CC 629 to .

  • (PRO) “Import model” now respects the selected vectors to position and clip the model. If no vectors are selected, the behavior is unchanged.
  • (PRO) “Import model” now reads currently selected vectors each time the “Apply” button is pressed.
  • (PRO) Import model now applies the current settings at the start of the command without the user needing to hit “Apply”.
  • (FIX) Intermittent crash if showing 3D model before showing a toolpath simulation.
  • (FIX) Contour toolpath simulation didn’t handle V-cutters correctly.

For folks who are confused by:

This means that V carving endmills are now correctly previewed when one assigns them to Toolpaths which previously did not support them, e.g., Contour:

This is a feature I’ve been wanting for a while, and it’s going to make a bunch of things I’d like to do a bit easier.


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