Carbide Create 645, Now with all new (maybe better) simulation rendering!

We just uploaded build 645 to

NOTE: The Apple build is not notarized on this release because Apple is a nightmare for software vendors. We’ll get it fixed in the next release. For now, you’ll have to click past the end-of-the-world warnings.

The big change here is that the Windows build now adds two more icons to your start menu, Carbide create - ANGLE, and Carbide Create Software Rendering.

If you’ve had trouble with blank simulations, give the ANGLE option a shot and let us know if it helps. Even if you don’t have rendering problems, we’d love to know if the ANGLE option breaks anything for you. (For those wondering, ANGLE is a library created by Google to make 3D graphics work in Chrome across every computer)

The software rendering option is hit or miss for me, it works on one PC and not on the other and I have no idea why. I’d be curious to hear if it works for you.

The whole change list:

  • (INTERNAL) Big changes to simulation rendering that currently uses a lot of memory. After testing for a while, we’ll fix this.
  • (NEW) Under Windows, two new icons for ANGLE or Software rendering of simulation.
  • (NEW) Warnings if a simulation is attempted with empty toolpaths.
  • (NEW) Option to rotate individual items in Circular Array command.
  • (NEW) In Advanced V-carve, remove the mandate for endmills to be used for pocketing and make it a warning.

Once we get some feedback, we’ll do some quick optimization and get a new release out.

Even if you haven’t had rendering problems, give this build a shot and let us know how it works because there are some huge internal changes we need feedback on.


@robgrz I haven’t had a chance to really exercise the release yet, but rendering seems to be working very well for me (Win 10, 16G, Intel GPU). No problems so far.

Not sure what you mean by “ANGLE or Software rendering of simulation” but the rendering seems quick.

The circular array changes seem to work nicely.

Question on something I just noticed (probably not introduced in this build)…If I DRILL the center of a Triangle, I’m not sure what the logic is for the placement of the hole:

The location for hexagonals, pentagons, and even “round” polygons makes sense…but I can’t figure out Triangles…Is that a bug or design?

In the Windows start menu, there will be two new icons, one for ANGLE and one for Software Rendering.

If I remember correctly, it picks the center of the bounding box for the drill location.

OK. Which is the new way ? (or am I completely clueless?)

I should have googled first. Got it now. Thanks.

ANGLE and Software are totally new. The desktop icon or the regular “Carbide Create” icon in the start menu uses new code, but the normal desktop OpenGL implementation. It would be good to get feedback on all three options.

OK…Quick and Easy test and I see differences:

This file
Render Test.c2d (13.4 KB)


With Software:

From Desktop Icon (Same Result as ANGLE)

My GPU Info (if it matters)

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At the rate we are seeing CC updates we will be at Build 700 in a couple weeks!

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It takes a little longer to generate but looks NICE!

I didn’t notice a difference in performance or quality of simulation with either of the 3 display options.
Software Rendering crashed the first time on Show Simulation, but then seemed to sort itself out.

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I got a warning when I selected OK in the toolpath dialog with no vector selected


But no warning when I Show Simulation.

[edit] I do get a warning on Show Simulation if there are no operations with toolpaths, but if there are multiple operations & at least one has a toolpath there is no warning.

Just a reminder, we need feedback on how the new rendering is working.

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C’mon everyone, I see that you’re clicking on the links above. We really need to know if it’s working for you.

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I’d be happy if I could provide some feedback, but I still have not got the software renderer to work. It opens up, but all I get is a blank screen. :frowning_face:

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“Not working” is the feedback we’re looking for. How about the ANGLE option?

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Yes the ANGLE option works well, and I am very happy with the results. I loaded up a couple of projects and everything looks good!!

Project rendered with ANGLE

Same project with normal Carbide Create renderer

I can see a significant difference between ANGLE and the regular renderer in Carbide Create. Is the only difference just cosmetics?

Still no luck with the Software renderer. I let it sit open for 10 min. and nothing but a blank screen.

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Perfect, thanks for the help.

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Well… actually, it’s 1% working. I found if I hover over the place where buttons are supposed to be, I get the description popup.

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Tested on Windows 10 on an i5 with 16GB RAM with an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU (8GB) simulating four 1" circles with a 1/32" endmill down to 1.5" with a DOC of 0.05".

All rendering methods work for me and the simulation time is pretty much the same.

Once generated, the software rendering’s rotation and zoom is stuttery and varies greatly depending on the size of the window (smooth at about 600px wide and about 2-4fps at 4K).

The other two rendering pipelines are buttery smooth to rotate and zoom no matter how big the window is.

For me it’s working as expected, I think.


Thanks, that helps a lot.