Carbide Create 726 Setup

On my older version of CC, in setup, under Machine, I selected “Shapeoko XL”
I installed CC 726 and under Setup, Machine, i don’t see that option.
I only see “Shapeoko 4” or “Shapeoko Pro”
My Machine is a "Shapeoko Pro XL.
If I select “Shapeoko Pro” how does CC know if i have an XL or XXL?

CC doesn’t know the size, but it doesn’t need to. Only CM needs to know to set the limits, rapid points, etc…

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The machine type/size selection under Job Setup is an artifact from when Carbide create calculated feeds and speeds based on chipload, and limited stock size based on machine type — since it no longer does these things, the selection is purely cosmetic, but can be a useful reminder of which machine a job was set up for.

So i guess when your doing a project you just have to remember not to set the job height and width to not be larger than what your machine can handle. In my case it would be 33 X 17.5.

I noticed one thing i never noticed before. When you use the rapid movement to move the machine, N, S, E, W, C etc. All of these seem to put the spindle in the correct position accept C (Center). Center puts the machine in the center of the Y axis (Left to Right) but not the X axis (Front to Back). Not a biggie, just an observation.

Correct. This can be adjusted somewhat by modifying the Travel Dimension, but I believe it’s intended to be the supported spoilboard area as would be defined by the scale of overhang on an SO3 — the SO4, Pro and HDM have much smaller overhangs (or none), resulting in this displacement.

That makes sense. And it does seem to be the center of the spoil board area rather than the center of the cut area. Again, it isn’t an issue just an observation.

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