Carbide Create Beta 285 Files Incomplete on CC Beta 286

When I open files I created with CC Beta 285 on the new version CC Beta 286, there are parts of the drawings missing. Sometimes text, sometimes lines & shapes. I’m running on a MacBook Pro. Anyone else having this issue?

My brother’s response to me after upgrading to the new version on May 4th was…

Just downloaded and installed the latest Carbide Create (new release came out today). DON’T INSTALL THE NEW CARBIDE CREATE. Wait for a fix. It does nasty things to existing drawings.

And I know he runs Windows OS.

So, yes. I believe there is an issue with that release.

I’m having the same with macbook pro most of my files open without any content. A lot of wasted time if I can’t get them to open properly.

Contact — include copies of the files, and if possible, notes on which version(s) were used to create / edit, and which version can’t open properly.

Hi. I am WisconsinPlatt’s brother; the one that panicked after my Beta 285 file wouldn’t load properly. Here is what I’ve since learned.
Beta 286 is working, but is not compatible with Beta 285.
CURVES now have a “point type” that distinguishes whether a point is part of a curve or a straight line.
Old shapes had an ‘id’ that was an integer, New shapes have an ‘id’ that is a UUID code.
Old TOOLPATHS used a ‘contours’ value to point back to the shape they applied to.
New TOOLPATHS don’t use the ‘contours’ field, they instead use the new ‘toolpath-links’ structure.

It’s possible to convert Beta 285 files to Beta 286 format. I’ve written a Python 3 program that will convert a Beta 285 file to be 286 compatible, it’s not hard, but it is involved. I’m very new to the Carbide3D world, and not sure where it would be appropriate to post my program, a kindly pointer to the right place would be appreciated. Also, the program works for my limited set of files, it’s very possible I’m overlooking some other limits, and that others’ files may not work well.


Shapeoko 3 wiki?

We have a page on CC:

I would love to try your conversion program as I have a file that took many hours to create with beta 285 and is unusable in 286. Can you post it for download?

I am awaiting approval of an account on the Shapeoko forum. I will upload the files soon. You will need to have Python 3.4 or above installed on your machine for the programs to run.

I’ve uploaded a Python 3 program for converting beta 285 drawings to beta 286. You can find them posted here:

To use the converter, you must have Python 3 running on your machine. Then download the two files to a folder of your choice, rename them so their extensions are .py (instead of .txt), then run the Convert… program in a Python console.

Let me know if it works for you.