Carbide Create - black screen for all edit functions

Hi all. I’ve been having an issue since upgrading to the most recent Carbide Create, when I click on ‘edit group name’ it just displays a small black box - almost looks like it would be displaying a script in there. I’ve been ignoring it since most of my jobs aren’t so complicated, but I just went to edit the tool library so I can add a surfacing endmill and it also just ends up at a black box for that - so the tool cannot be added…

Attaching a screenshot of these images. My system is OSX 10.14, everything worked normally on the previous version of CC. thanks!

Other folks have reported this — it’s been fixed by other folks by updating the OS.

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Thanks Will! I hadn’t realized I had an OS update, that resolved the issue. Appreciate the help!

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Can you tell me what OS you are running? Because I’ve been having the same problem. I’m using Mojave 10.14.6. Thanks!

Figured it out. Thanks!

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