Carbide Create — Can't Edit Tools

Hi all,

I’m designing my first project right now, and have gotten all the geometry in that I need to get going.

Using Carbide Create, when I add a new tool, in this case a zrn coated end mill for aluminum, the only parameter aside from feeds and speeds it lets me set is the diameter. I can’t set overall length, number of flutes, flute angle, LOC, coating, anything. Running v 464 Free Edition, currently connected to my machine

Am I missing an obvious solution here?

Ah, I see that. Appreciate the tip on the CSV, should help me stay organized, but I can see why it’s not necessary. One other question I have, and I assume the answer is an enthusiastic yes, is whether I need to insert the end mill bit into the router collet until it bottoms out before tightening the collet.

No, do not insert to bottom. Insert only as much of the bit that is equal to the depth of the collet, but do not insert beyond where the flutes of the bit start.

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