Carbide Create Drill Function?

I have seen this function but have never used it or had a need.

Is this for use with endmills or drill bits?
Several options for this I see. Which situation is used for each of said options?
Let’s say I want holes in MDF for endmills, can I just us the size endmill I want for said hole?

For my use of this function, I have used a smaller end mill to cut the hole. Use of a drill bit that is not made for the speed we use causes issues. Burned bits, frayed edges.

It take a bit of time to do this function. I was very pleased with the outcome.

I used it on aluminum and got a perfect hole after I tightened the belts.

Yes, the Drill toolpath would allow one to use an endmill to make a hole for itself.


Short and sweet. That’s what I like.
Is this answer for just the MDF or for any material?

With appropriate feeds and speeds, yes, it should work.

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I’m pilot drilling & hole milling (helical) holes in aluminum with the same bit. I’m peck drilling about 0.030 - 0.050" pecks with full retract to clear chips. Regular drill bits will NOT work on aluminum at these spindle speeds. I suppose it would work on wood OK, but then you need a lot of collets for each drill size needed.

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