Carbide Create - Dropdown Dilemma

I have a dual monitor setup with identicals, when both monitors are active, the Carbide Create dropdowns (machine, material, Z-Zero point, etc.)will only display on 1 of my monitors. If I drag the window to the other monitor, the menus don’t work. I can still use scroll wheel, or arrows (if I have tabbed onto selection) to get to the other options in the menu.

When I disconnect or power down one of the monitors, the remaining monitor can perform the task no problem. I can’t find another program that behaves this way.

I have tried different ports, a variety of monitor and display settings configurations, to no avail. I have rolled back to 464, but it behaved the same way as 474.

I’m hoping the powers that be can offer some insight!

Apparently this is a consequence of the cross-platform toolkit we are using — my understanding is that this won’t be on the table to be fixed until the next major version of Carbide Create. @robgrz would have to speak to that.

Copy that, thanks for the quick response.

We’re about half-done with a big change to CC to eliminate some of the most problematic user interface code. Once we get that done we’ll get a better chance to see if some of these quirks get fixed on their own.

Hopefully we’ll have something to share in about a month.


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