Carbide Create - Feature Request

+1 gcode export from program
+1 tabs
+1 stl import
also S03 option to have the spindle speeds that match the more common router speed settings. or at the very least have the feed rate change based on the spindle speed. currently does not seem to affect the feed rate when i change the spindle speed.

seems to be many other great suggestions here

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I would really appreciate being able to generate unencrypted gcode. There are times when I want to control the printer with software other than carbide motion.

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Did you know you can view/copy the code that Carbide Motion creates when you load it into Carbide Create? True it takes one extra step, but only a few seconds.

From there you can past it into a text editor and cave it as an NC file and load it how ever you with …

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Specific instructions on this:

(link from )

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Why not output ascii gcode in the first place?

So it stays out of the hands of non Shapeoko and Nomad owners…sigh

If you were to make it “best in class” would that not promote the products you create?

No, it’s called proprietary software. Are we done?

I have written software for a living for the last 40 years. I don’t understand your purpose here. You are making the software more difficult to use for your target audience without limiting it to only your target audience. Using the mother board as a dongle is not a big hindrance. Making the software as easy to use as possible will get you the biggest benefit. If a few people start using it for hardware that is not made by carbide that will only cost carbide the bandwidth of the download. This is a very small price to pay for the advertising they receive. Run the numbers and you will find it is much cheaper than your main stream advertising dollar. Also it is perfectly targeted.

Well yay for you; and I don’t work for Carbide3D, I’m just a customer… an understanding one at that. Carbide3D team of 4 or 5 people with limited resources at the the kickstarter phase. They will grow, and things will improve.

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Wow. Harsh.

I’m with @sgk07072000, output of unencrypted gcode allows other parts of workflow that “open it, copy it, paste it” make a hassle.

un-encrypted gcode feature would be extremely useful. i’ve been developing software for nearly 30 years and I can’t think of any valid reason why you would make your software more difficult for your users. Either you want people to use your program or you don’t. Encrypting the gcode makes the Create program useless to valid users with valid uses. I have a Shapeoko 3 machine and install/check out all new releases of the Create program but I can’t use it in my workflow. The Motion program is a piece of s*** so I use a different controller application. I would love to use the Create program for simple projects but I can’t. If you’re trying to make the program only available to users who purchase your hardware then require a login and serial number in order to download it. It’s that simple. Don’t make the program more difficult, make it more feature rich and quit dickin’ around with stupid ideas like encrypting the gcode output to control access.

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You can decrypt the G-code using Carbide Motion, and then save it locally to send to your machine using some other program:

The encryption is used so as to limit Carbide Create and Carbide Motion to Carbide 3D and Stepoko machines, without that use of the machines as copy-protection dongles, some more intrusive technique, which would interfere w/ prspective users trying out the software, would be necessary.

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Thanks but I think you missed the point of my post. I understand that I can get the un-encrypted gcode out of Motion. You’re not understanding the reason why that’s not a valid solution. There is no instance where encrypted gcode in Create is acceptable and Motion sucks so bad I’ll never run it for any reason. Copy protection is not a valid reason to encrypt the gcode in Create. Your response makes it obvious that you’ve missed the point.

I think I’m missing it too (please don’t be offended–it’s maybe more my ignorance than anything else). I think what @WillAdams is getting at (though I don’t mean to speak for him) is that (ideally awesome) software that works with only Carbide 3D machines would be a competitive advantage for them–an additional incentive for people to select C3D machines over those of other companies. I’m not commenting here on the qualities of the current software (CM has worked pretty well for me; haven’t found the motivation to come to terms with the… idiosyncratic… UI of CC yet–currently using Evolve instead).

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That’s pretty much my understanding.

What is “Evolve”? Not finding any CNC software by that name. (Did you mean “Easel”?)

Solidthinking Evolve – a 3D modeling program whence I get my STL files for output to CM:

@mbellon put me on to it.

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Hey Tito!

I LOVE my Evolve. It’s Rhino on steroids and fully parameterized. Not cheap but far from the most expensive CAD program out there. Reasonable update costs. Runs on Macs and Windows.

As with any major CAD package, one has to dedicate time to learn it; continue use it to retain the skill.


Thanks! Added to:

If someone would like to write up something on it, glad to add it as a row in the table.

After importing a design from Inkscape that had objects misplaced I would like to ask for:

  1. Rulers with guide placement
  2. A way to lock objects so you don’t accidentally select/edit them
  3. A way to zoom in and out for those of us WITHOUT scroll wheels (laptop users)