Carbide Create Feature Request

Ok…this has been driving me crazy! Can you please have the open/save features remember the last folder you were in? Or at least a default folder you can assign? For some reason, it’s always defaulting to my font folder in the windows directory.



Another thing that would be extremely helpful is to have the current file you are working on appear in the title bar of the window. Small features that would help when working with multiple files.



+1 on this, and the capability to import non vector images… and vector them :slight_smile:

While that would be cool, inkscape has bitmap tracing already built in. :wink:

Also, remembering the folder used is a less than 5 minute feature where bitmap tracing would be a bit more involved :slight_smile: Every time it opens to the fonts folder I wish the software was a physical object I could throw off a cliff because it would be such a quick fix.

I came here wanting to ask for this feature. Now I’m sadden that it was requested a year ago and still not a thing.

Maybe one day!

I like being able to do math in dialog boxes. For example, sometimes I don’t want to display the calculator to figure out the rotation…sometimes I’d just like to enter 90 + 38.

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Not just math — it needs to support parentheses, and order of operations — one of the reasons I landed my first job out of college was I used Freehand’s object inspector to put a rectangle around an object w/ a 1" border.