Carbide Create - Feature wish list:

Reading through the Carbide Create wiki, I noticed the “features wish list” sub-heading… couldn’t find an existing thread for this, so thought to start one:

  • in addition for a “preferences” option to clear the Carbide Create logo each and every time the app opens (already identified in the wiki), can an option be included to select (and remember) my machine type?

As an XXL owner, I get tired of setting my stock size, then being told it’s too big for my machine because I forget that Carbide Create forgets my machine type each and every time I open the app!

Please and Thanks!


(Or if that’s not possible, at the very least, move the option to select machine type right to the top of the menu, rather than half-way down!)

Agree that would be nice — just defaulting to the most recently selected machine type would be a nice and elegant improvement.

For those who missed it, the wish list @WLDOR mentioned is on the wiki:

I think it would be best to make one suggestion per post — that way Carbide 3D could gauge interest / demand by # of likes per post.

Unfortunately, my biggest wish, use native toolkits isn’t an option — and I am really tired of lowest-common-denominator software/let’s limit ourselves to what will be easy to do on multiple platforms, and I miss the days when my machines ran only software developed using the SDK for their platform. (Won’t date myself by mentioning OSs which belike no one else here has ever used or even heard of).

Thanks Will.

I can’t tell you how intensely frustrating this has been (and continues to be) to me… there isn’t enough room in my (very limited!) mind that is already quite full of design ideas and tool-paths to be created, etc to then be suddenly de-railed by this seemingly minor, yet incredibly irritating hurdle!

In the least, moving the selection to the top of the menu would be the easiest option (I would assume), and something of an oversight in the original software design, since literally ~everything else~ within the app depends entirely upon the platform being used

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A work-around would be to create a series of template files which have machine type and material (and maybe some standard stock sizes?) set — unfortunately you can’t double-click on them to open them (times like this I really miss HP’s NewWave and its intense object-orientation), but it would at least make setting 3 settings a single file-open operation.


I love this idea, if there anyway we could have a list of stickies at the top top and each post that gets a like moves up the list to development? Or can we do something like in the new year newsletter?