Carbide create feedback

Thought I’d send feedback based on my testing of carbide create. I use it for everything, so have racked up some hours in the product. I actually like it quite a bit - particularly how clean and well thought out the interface is. But like all things…

One of my projects ended up with what appears to a toolpath without a name. Although I can not delete it, it still outputs gcode that I don’t want in my project. I could send you the file if you are interested. My next step is to completely rebuild the project.

Using default feeds and speeds, I notice that the mill lowers VERY slowly for each toolpath. When the path is done, it quickly retracts. I see this behavior in every project I do.

It would be great if the program either remembered the last directory I used, or would let me change my default directory locations. Somehow, I don’t think the fonts directory is a good place to save my files.

One final thing - when I try to execute my g-code, the program seems to crash very often. I’ve seen several ideas for filter cap modifications on topics here, but wondered if there is an official work around. Yes, I keep my usb separate from the power cable and from the router power cable. I have to try to reconstruct the zero location and keep redoing projects till the project completes, or the stock is worthless due to inaccuracies in my re-zeroing.


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