Carbide Create files are missing vectors & components after yearly license code update

I just updated my registration for this year and now when I pull up my files none of them show, vectors, components, or tool paths! Please tell me all of my old files are not garbage now?

Which version were the old files created in?

Post one of them here?

build 756
DMR_Handle_Pivot_Block_Front.c2d (68 KB)

Here is the simulation I got from your c2d file in CC v756.

Now sure what is was supposed to look like. I have the Pro version but the file is just a regular 2d file looks like.

I see:

3 vectors:

3 components:

1 toolpath:

Where is the file stored? Does the filepath use non-ASCII characters?

Why does mine look like this?

Please try updating to build 757 (which is what I used):

and reboot.

Try downloading the copy you uploaded and see if that works?

That worked! Thank you!

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