Carbide Create freezes

I have a fairly new laptop and carbide create keeps freezing on it. Today i went out and sent $1500 on a new desk top and its doing the same thing. Is anyone Else having this issue. I’m super frustrated and thinking about getting rid of my shapeoko and going with something different

Usually when this happens it’s due to Windows updating in the background — check for updates, reboot, and hopefully the difficulty will resolve itself.

I run CC in an emulator window inside linux, and never have an issue with it freezing. Check what you have running in the background, usually stuttering is caused by low memory or heavy disk access. Look for other programs taking up a lot of resources in task manager.

Another option is to get an older version of CC and see if it causes the same issue. Just make sure you know which version you’re running (Help-About).

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I second low memory, possibility the issue.

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To find out what is going on with Windows hit “CTRL” “ALT”“DELETE” at the same time and pick the task manager. You can view various performance data and pick the memory or CPU to see what is going on at the time of the freeze. My previous laptop had a hard drive problem and everything would just stop but eventually go on. The problem was my hard drive was 100% and everything would have to wait until it calmed down. I eventually replaced the drive and the problems went away. Not suggesting you have a hardware problem but by opening task manager you can see if something is eating up all your resources. There is an option to always keep task manager on top and you can make it small enough to see what is going on when the problem occurs.

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Its a brand spanken new desk top. the only thing i have done is download carbide create and it still freezes

also i did not sync it with my other devices

i am regrating buying a shapeoko. i have only had it for less than a year and already gone through 3 shapeoko routers and the software freezes on 2 brand new computers. Thousands of dollars wasted. SMH. i had such high hopes.

Video drivers need updating maybe?

I have used 2 different computers, one ancient desktop and another brand new laptop and have not experienced this issue.

I just replaced my router as well but the machine is several years old and I bought it used. I did buy a rebuild kit from eReplacementParts for $45 that includes bearings and armature. I have not put that in the old one yet but the video of the process seems easy enough. If you still have your older ones maybe give that a try.


I bought a new 400$ laptop for mine a couple months ago. was having issues with windows 11 accepting new software. make sure you check all firewalls and turn sleep off. I be honest I turned all firewalls off. Assuming your new computer has windows 11, google some fixes. there was something about the default Microsoft store wanting to always open when I installed new software and had to log into my Microsoft account and manually turn it off because under settings wouldn’t allow me to. Coming from windows 10 pro, I was about to throw the laptop all the way back to the store lol. After some settings and research, it works perfectly fine. take your 1500 buck computer back and just get a cheaper laptop would be my advice.

I can’t get the amazon page to load so I will place the description here,

HP ProDesk Small Form Desktop Computer PC, Intel Quad Core i5-4570 up to 3.6GHz, 16GB Ram, 240GB SSD, USB WIFI, 4K Support, DP, VGA, Windows 10 Pro 64 Language Supports English/Spanish/French(Renewed)

cost is about $135.00.

I have purchased two of these. Very fast and quite adequate for my cnc use.

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Just a shot in the dark, but are you connecting your shapeoko controller through a seperate usb hub, before linking to your computer? Are you using the usb cable (with ferrite shields) that came with the cnc?

The laptop in your description is plenty of juice to get going. set up computer and disable firewalls etc. I stay away from auto updates as they tend to cause more issues. unless your running auto Graphics card updates stand alone. basically set the new computer up and make sure things are working great before installing new software. As a side note, I did go thru my laptop and got rid of any unnecessary junk not needed that ran in background, as Microsoft fills them will loads of useless crap. and make sure and set computer performance on 100% all the time and no wallpapers , sleep modes anything. make it your stand alone cnc computer. I would reinstall all Carbide software and make sure cnc is not plugged in while doing so and shut all background noise down while doing so. then select shutdown and repower the computer yourself. do not do restart. after installation shut computer completely down. Then once powered back up you can plug machine in and see what happens.

I also want to say. my computer has about a 5 second delay with carbide motion before anything happens. have patience. once you initiate machine, Jog function should be available. there is some delay during process , but no freezing , just seconds in between.

Make sure nothing is set to sleep and disable screen saver

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Same thing happened to me, and I needed to upgrade the computer memory to 16GB and also apply all the updates to windows, since I did that everything runs fine .Keep your windows updated all the time.

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This is also an excellent idea too. I had problems with Lightburn and my Ortur laser because of that, and I removed everything.

I am new here and not sure if anyone running Windows has tried running Create in efficiency mode. This option is located in the task manager and is found by right clicking on the create icon when running. I previously had been crashing every five to ten minutes and it was frustrating for sure and now I have been working in create for over an hour with no freezes or crashes after choosing this option. I noticed memory usage of over 15gb’s when the program crashed before using efficiency mode. I am now seeing memory usage around 400mb’s since and crossing fingers.

I went through a very frustrating period where things were freezing. It turned out to be the Shapeoko controller freezing because of EMI. I finally tamed it by using a EMI filer on the USB line:

and a EMI power strip between the controller and the router:

All thanks to Carbide3D tech support for helping diagnose and fix this.

– Doug


The usb isolator thingy is what I also had to use when I started getting similar issues. Its also the only thing I needed to do. No messing with grounding vacuum hoses.