Carbide Create gcode goes straight to 100%

I recently downloaded Carbide Create (beta 286), whipped up a design, exported an .enc file, and handed that off to Carbide Motion to run on my Shapeoko 3. When I pressed the button in Carbide Motion to start the job, the progress meter jumped immediately from 0% done to 100% done. That’s…not what I expected. I’m pretty sure there’s stuff in the file, since it’s several hundred k, but it isn’t actually making my Shapeoko do anything. Am I missing vital steps here?

No, that should work.

Might be some sort of confusion about tools or that sort of thing.

My suggestion would be to start w/ something really, really simple, then test that — it may be that there’s some basic mis-understanding happening — but if the same thing occurs, then you can post a straight-forward set of steps describing what you did at each step, and what you expected, and what actually happened, and we can work through this w/ you.


You can use a simulator that will run the g-code on a 3d representation of your machine for testing. Grblgru

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Looks like I found the problem. The computer I have hooked up to the CNC had an old version of Carbide Motion. I updated that to the latest and the Shapeoko is happily carving away now. Thanks, all!