Carbide Create Gcode

Will Gcode created with Carbide Create work with other CNC Machines. Was looking at the shark HD5.

If the shark HD5 runs GRBL (preferably 1.1) in its controller (it does not seem to be specified on their product page? so that would need to be confirmed), it should. But the devil is in the details, so the only way to tell for sure would be to generate a G-code file with CC and ask them to check it / run it ?

Carbide Create outputs pretty basic/standard G-Code, so ought to work with pretty much any controller which accepts standard G-Code — it looks as if we may be adding post-processor support (or that was my takeaway from seeing some folders in the Carbide Create app folder which seemed to relate to this), so if you find a machine which won’t accept our G-Code, let us know the specifics and we’ll see if we can look into it.

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I dont know about the Shark HD5 but the CC does not work with a Shark ProHD. The CC does not have a post processor for the Shark and the first thing CC does is send the info for a tool. The Shark ProHD does not understand that and just sits there. You may be able to edit the gcode to eliminate the tool change commands. Just be sure to make a trial run in something other than expensive wood. You may need to edit the gcode for other things.

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