Carbide Create - Importing SVG

When I Import my SVG into Carbide Create it’s not sizing the SVG properly. It looks like it’s shrinking it.


Carbide Create Version

  • Build 433
  • Carbide Create Pro

Tone Chaser Face Plate

I ended up setting Carbide to the exact dimensions of the SVG and stretching the image.

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not all SVG files or tools to create SVG files put the resolution into the file.
(SVG files are internally in units of “px” but how many px are in an inch… there’s an implied industry default of 96 but normally the file is supposed to say this… some tools use something else than 96)


Note that in 427 this was changed:

427- (NEW) Updated SVG parser to newer version. SVG import scale might have changed for some files. We now assume a 96 DPI scale.

@WillAdams Gotcha…

Last thing with this update it’s now saying “Empty Toolpath” when I create toolpaths.

I removed the pro version cause it wouldn’t let me save my Gcode.

What file with what geometry using what endmill?

Please post the file and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.


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