Carbide Create issue with getting vector to cut properly


I recently adjusted some of the lines in a file in which I carved before but now there are extra/random tool paths that have appeared in the corners of some of the lines that should not be there. Is this caused by some lines overlapping maybe? I’ve been trying to figure it out but can’t seem to get them to go away. I already started my carving otherwise I would have just started from scratch.

These are normal for V Bit carving - it’s how the sharp corners are made. What you can’t see is that the bit is also moving upwards as it approaches the corner, so that you get a corner that isn’t rounded.

You will get these whenever there is a curve (or corner) with a radius smaller than the V Bit at that depth.

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so the problem is they should not be there at all. where they are should not be carved. I made some adjustments to my file to try to fix some chipout spots i previously had when carving the file. once i made those adjustments though now theres the phantom carves in corners of parts that are not supposed to be carved. for example in my screenshot the top left part is being carved and then the first line i circled the vbit is goinf into the vector right next to it and just plunging in the corner of the non carved part then moving on. Im using the advanced vcarve function but what I was thinking maybe there are lines overlappong somewhere or maybe an open vector that is throwing it off.

Post your file here or send it to and we will try to look into it with you.

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