Carbide Create Letter license question

I have a license question. Can I use the fonts that come with cc to make engravings and signs or do I need to look into each individually and determine wether or not I have to buy the license for commercial use? I know you can buy fonts from dafont etc but I was wondering if I can maybe use the pre-installed ones.

Thank you

Carbide Create doesn’t bundle any fonts, it uses the fonts installed in your OS. Basically as long as you’re not selling the font files themselves you should be fine. Letter outlines are a “useful article”, so can’t be protected by copyright (but in aggregate may be protected by design patent, names may be trademarked, and the computer font file itself may be registered as a computer program).

The clip art included should be covered by the license for the program — again, so long as you’re not selling files which have the clip art in them, you should be fine for usage.


Awesome! Thank you so much for the explanation.

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