Carbide Create - Limits of the Machine

Would it be possible to incorporate into CC, based on the machine selected in Settings, to have a ‘margin overlay’, similar to that found in MS Word, where the cutting limits of the machine can be shown, please?

I appreciate the size of the cutter being used could affect this (flattening the spoil board, as an example) - or maybe this could be calculated into it? - but you don’t really know it’s going to go wrong until it does. Show Simulation doesn’t show this, either.

A warning prompt when saving the GCode would be ideal, in the same way MS Word warns when you’re trying to print outside the limits of the paper, but it would be up to you to cancel or proceed.

Just a thought!


Interesting idea. You could just limit the stock size based on the machine.

I think the biggest “hmmm” about this idea is that you can design toolpaths on a 200x200mm bit of stock, which fits just fine on screen within this “margin overlay”, but then put the 200x200mm bit of stock anywhere on your machine’s cutting area and zero it.

That is, since everything is a relative position from your zero point, you can design it correctly and cut it incorrectly.

Perhaps a variation of this idea might be for Carbide Motion to warn about this when it knows both the stock zero and has the gcode loaded. It could quite easily say “Hey - you’re going to be cutting out of bounds”.


The idea will need more definition, for sure, and your variation makes sense to me.

I was thinking more in the CC moment, as it will probably be an exception, rather than the rule for this scenario to occur.

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That’s a good idea — Carbide Create used to warn on machine size based on selection.

The way I approached this was to measure the machine and prepare a template file which I could use to relate features to machine:

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