Carbide Create: Modeling Environment Improvements

I’ve been creating a bas-relief in the modeling tab using paths imported from Inkscape and the round shape parameter. So far, it’s the most intuitive way of creating a bas-relief I’ve found but I’ve run into a couple pain points with complicated files.

  1. Allow grouping of components the same way that you can group toolpaths so that I can group features and not have a list of 100 components.
  2. Allow editing of the angle and height of a component after it’s created. Sometimes it’s hard to visualise how components will combine before I actually create them and being able to tweak the values would be great. Also coming back to a file after a while it’d be nice to inspect what you’ve previously done so you can match it.
  3. This one is more of a nitpick, but sometimes I want to apply the same height and angle to multiple paths that are adjacent without them combining into a single shape. It’s subtle but I’ve added pictures to illustrate. It’s not really a problem because you can just create two components but it would speed things up if you could select how the rounding was applied to the paths.

Individually selected left - Grouped right:

Otherwise I’m enjoying the process so far. Keep up the good work!


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