Carbide Create New Drawing----no toolpath?

I’m creating new drawings by importing svg files. I’m new to this but I did its successfully the other day. Now, following the same steps as before…I get no toolpaths. What’s up with that???

From a previous @WillAdams Post:
Things which seem to help:

  • removing overlapping / redundant lines
  • polylines rather than curves for DXFs
  • 2004 file format for DXFs

For SVGs, the big thing is CC will only accept paths, not placed pixel images.

Feel free to (a) post your file so we can look at it, or (b) search SVG import issues on the search for a LOT more info on this subject.

It’s a simple bunny cut out. Only one line.Bunny Side.c2d (443.1 KB)

You have the start and stop depth set to the same (0.250in) and you are using a small endmill — small features are sometimes wrongly discarded — setting the top of the pocket to 0 and switching to a #201 endmill previews correctly.

Will, thanks for the help. I’m going to ask a completely NOOB question…I’m using a 1/8" compression end mill, cutting 1/4" birch plywood. My intention is to cut in one pass. What changes to the program do I need to make?

That’s awfully deep to be cutting with a 1/8" endmill. Is there a reason to do that in one pass?

Basically it’s a time issue

It may not actually be faster - you’ll have to cut the feed rate way down.

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