Carbide Create Not Launching

(Brian Sewell) #1

Gents I’m running into an issue where CC has crashed for apparently no reason and all the sudden hangs up when it is relaunched. It all started a couple of weeks ago, I was running 316 and it started crashing when calculating tool paths. Then it started crashing when I tried just opening the job, even before I calculated the tool paths. After messing around with this for a few days, I downloaded 402, but soon ran into a problem where it would launch, but quickly go unresponsive. At that point even reverting back to 316 didnt work. Somehow I was able to get things working again and have been running 402 for a couple of weeks.

Thinking it might be related to memory, I upgraded from 8GB to 32Gb. Things were going well in last several days. I just started a job of 14 plaques for a friend. Pretty simple designs really. Anyways, I went to load a design I had just run the day before and the program crashed. Relaunching would only bring the splash screen and sometimes a white background and then it would go unresponsive. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, I tried using compatibility mode, and tried to revert back to 316. It comes up but crashes when I try to load the last job I tried to run. Not sure I know what to do at this point. The computer is a year-old laptop with plenty of resources.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


(William Adams) #2

Usually crashing on launch is related to the video card or OpenGL driver — make sure those are up-to-date — sometimes it helps to use the driver from the video card manufacturer rather than the one provided by the computer maker.

Launching in 256 colour mode works for some instances:

  1. right-click the executable (Carbide Motion.exe)
  2. click Properties
  3. click the Compatibility tab
  4. check the “run in 256 colors” box
  5. click OK

Similarly, changing the colour mode to 256, starting the application, then changing back to 32-bit has allowed some users to run the program successfully. (Notably on Dell Inspirons)

If those things don’t help, have you tried the Windows compatibility troubleshooter?


(Luc) #3

PC or Mac? Sounds a bit similar to the problem I’ve been experiencing on my Mac where the 400s are unresponsive as launch it. I have to force quit.

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(Brian Sewell) #4

Thanks for the replies. I tried everything but the OpenGL driver. My laptop has two GPUs and I was able to find updated drivers for both. Unfortunately nothing changed. I guess part of the problem is that I’m running a Dell Inspiron. I’ll try to update the openGL driver tomorrow. Please let me know if there is anything I should be looking at.


(William Adams) #5

Did you try the 256-colour mode?

Similarly, changing the colour mode to 256, starting the application, then changing back to 32-bit has allowed some users to run the program successfully. (Notably on Dell Inspirons)


(Brian Sewell) #6

Yep, sure did. It wouldnt progress pass the splash page, which took up most of the display. Where I’m at now is 402 comes up with the little splash page and the start of a small window (about 20% of the screen in size) in the corner of the display. I never see the full display; menus, workspace, etc. just a white background. It then becomes unresponsive and I have to kill it in the task manager. When I try to run 316 the splash and main display comes up for a few seconds then it self minimizes and I can’t get it to return to my desktop. For awhile there 316 was launching fully. I must be doing something wrong to be getting such erratic behaviour.

I’m not really wanting to go off on a tangent, but I was wondering if it might be something messed up in windows registry?

Still appreciating the help!


(William Adams) #7

Please try going to the Start Menu, typing “msinfo”, then run the System Information tool, save a text file describing your system and send that in to us at mentioning all that you’ve tried thus far.


(Brian Sewell) #8

Hey Will,
Sorry for the long delay. I just sent the requested info to the email address. Standing by.

Thanks much.