Carbide create not showing full preview

preview is not showing all of my holes that I made in the design I did it will show a rapid to them but not the holes themselves, all holes are the same size and all selected together and all on the same toolpath I did them all in Carbide Create design tab so not from a different program. using the latest version of the software

We had a similar thing come up in a design this weekend. Very simple Carbide Create design consisting of a square with a largish circle in the middle and four mounting holes at the four corners. Three of the mounting holes would show up in the simulation but not the fourth. Changing the machining order did not change the missing hole. We deleted the offending hole and redesigned it with no luck. We ran out of time on the Shapeoko before we had a chance to do any more troubleshooting.

Brand new with the software, so wasn’t sure if we were doing something wrong or it was a glitch.


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Could be two different things:

  1. They are almost exactly the same size as the tool. When this is the case (within 10%) the grid used to produce toolpaths can miss the hole. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it means you’re plunging an endmill to some depth, which doesn’t work well. Use a smaller tool.
  2. The preview isn’t perfect. If the toolpath is there, and it shows something happening at the feature, it’s just the preview missing it for some reason, the toolpath exists, and it’ll cut fine. View it in a different gcode viewer and be sure.
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Probably wrongly discarding small features during the optimization pass — the blue lines in Toolpath view are accurate.

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